If you are on the fence about buying a vehicle dashcam, this story will surely persuade you.

Let me take you back to October 19, 2019, when Bristol, Rhode Island resident Alissa Travers was driving on Pleasant Street in Taunton. The vehicle driving in front of her stopped short and suddenly went into reverse in the middle of the street, unaware that there was someone behind them.

At the time, Travers was 10 weeks pregnant and thankfully the baby was unharmed from the collision.

"I immediately went to the hospital and had the baby checked," Travers said. "I was sent home, but I was having horrible lower right back pain, and I hit my face off the steering wheel."

As the vehicle approached, Travers laid on the horn and closed her eyes knowing that the car was about to hit her.

"The impact was harder than I anticipated," she said. "I went to my PCP, who referred me to a neurologist and a chiropractor."

Unfortunately, the car was totaled a few weeks later. The vehicle couldn't be saved, but Travers was saved from facing any additional surcharges or legal problems thanks to her dashcam.

"The driver originally said I hit him," Travers said. "A police officer came to the hospital and told me I was reported as speeding, distracted and rear-ended him. I told him I had footage on my phone that proved he hit me, so the officer had me email it to him."

Fun 107 confirmed via the police report that officers found neither party to be at fault. The video footage brought justice for Travers, so she decided to show the world how effective and beneficial a dashcam can be in a situation like that with a two-part episode on her TikTok: Part 1Part 2.

"A $120 dashcam saved me a totaled car, charges and proved me right," she said.

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