With two new breweries planning to open their doors in The Silver City in 2018, is there another Southcoast city with this much buzz?

The Southcoast loves their fair share of booze. Take a tour around downtown New Bedford and everywhere you turn there will be a new bar or restaurant ready to serve you a cold one after a long day. The same can be said about the other big Southcoast communities. Fall River's nightlife depends on our thirst for "okay, but just one more drink". With two new breweries opening in 2018, it seems Taunton will be the next Southcoast city for beer lovers.

Liberty & Union Ale House and Berkley Beer Company both have plans to take their brewing over to The Silver City. Downtown Taunton patrons will find Liberty & Union Ale House as a new home for their late night spot. With freshly brewed beers always on tap, as well as a long list of mouth watering food selections, there's no doubt this alehouse will be a cornerstone of the Taunton Green for years to come.

Not even a mile south of the Green will be the home of Berkley Beer company, who are looking to make a lasting impression on the Taunton community. With their craft beers already in multiple Taunton bars,restaurants, and retail locations, opening up the brewery to the public will surely lead to a larger impact.

Taunton beer lovers are hoping this is just the first step to make The Silver City into the craft beer powerhouse of the Southcoast.

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