We thought the nicer weather would never get here! It felt like it took longer than usual because of our current stay-at-home orders.

Many of us are working from home and it's been challenging to say the least. With everyone on different sleep and work schedules, I haven't been the most enjoyable person to be stuck with.

While many of us are experiencing quarantine fatigue, it's important to get creative and get outside and not only enjoy the weather we have been having, but it's proven that natural sunlight can be helpful to your mood. Vitamin D deficiency is a thing right now.

I'm extremely self-aware when it comes to that and so I decided to have a makeshift outdoor studio until I'm allowed back into the Fun 107 studio, which I hope is sooner than later. While I am absolutely working on my tan, I have found that I'm actually getting more work done. The only thing I had to watch out for was my laptop getting overheated in the sun, which I quickly realized was an issue and found the perfect cover of shade to cover my laptop – but not me.

I've definitely noticed a difference in my mood, too.

If you happen to hear a lawnmower, birds chirping, dogs barking, or someone splashing in the pool in the background while I'm on the air, I don't apologize. Hopefully, you can take your office outside, too. Get creative if you have to; extension cords and sunblock are a must.

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