Well, many of us have been daydreaming about future travel. If you plan on doing any traveling anytime soon, you may want to take note of some TSA regulations that were just put into effect.

The last time the Transportation Security Administration made a change to its regulations was back in 2001 due to 9/11. We have gone almost 20 years without any major hiccups that would cause stricter regulations.

The TSA is in place for our protection, and that includes from this COVID-19 virus. Here are some new things you need to be aware of when you get to the TSA at the airport. These are pulled right from the TSA website and I would recommend visiting it for more details on these:

1. TSA agents must wear a face mask or face protection, and it's highly encouraged we do the same.

2. For purposes of social distancing, you will notice that lines and other protective barriers have been installed. We should observe these and keep our distance.

3. While the liquids rule still applies they are now allowing each passenger one 12 oz container of hand sanitizer.

4. Food items should be packed in a separate container to allow for easier inspection without having to inspect your bag.

5. Hold on to your boarding pass. We should no longer be handing our boarding passes, paper or electronic, to the agent. We will need to scan them ourselves.

Not too bad, right? Pretty standard and makes perfect sense. If you're carrying around more than 12 ounces of hand sanitizer, then we should be friends.

What do you think of these new TSA regulations? Are you itching to get out and travel?

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