From ocean to table, you can learn how to catch and prepare quahogs from the experts this summer.

I've always seen people quahogging at the beaches, but despite living near the water all my life I have never tried this seasonal pastime myself.

But that can change this summer with the arrival of clamming classes offered by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM).

The RIDEM is offering a series of recreational clamming workshops this summer, which sounds silly and interesting all at the same time.

The concept seems pretty simple—you dig up clams, right?

Well with these classes, we can all officially find out how to dig, where to dig and the best equipment to dig with.

Plus, once you've got all those clams and quahogs, the class teaches you ways to prepare them.

I know I'd need help in that department, too.

I'm a huge fan of stuffies, but have never, ever made them for myself. Simply steamed with some butter isn't too shabby, either.

The classes are being held all over the state too, so there are several locations that could work best for you.

These are the workshops on the schedule for summer 2019:


Monday, June 17 | 12 PM-3 PM North Kingstown Town Beach, North Kingstown

Tuesday, July 2 | 12 PM-3 PM Colt State Park, Bristol

Tuesday, July 30 | 11 AM-2 PM Rocky Point State Park, Warwick

Thursday, August 1 |1 PM-4 PM Colt State Park, Bristol

Friday, August 30 | 12 PM-3 PM Rocky Point State Park, Warwick

Saturday, September 28 | 12 PM-3 PM North Kingstown Town Beach, North Kingstown


Workshops are open to people of all ages with a $5 fee for anyone age 8 or older. You do have to register for classes ahead of time, but can get the form anytime at DEM's website.