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12 Signs You Might Be Addicted To a TV Show
The people over at BuzzFeed put together a great video that characterizes someone that we all no doubt know in one for or another. So if you act like this, or know someone like this, chances are they may need professional help.
Demi's Hair Changes
Demi Lovato debuted a cute new blond bob this week, which was a pretty dramatic color change from the dark brown she'd rocked as of late. Lovato loves changing up her look, and in a visit to 'Ellen,' she revealed why her hair hue changes so often.
ABC’s ‘Happy Endings’ Moving to USA?
'Happy Endings' fans, your favorite show may soon live up to its namesake. After a largely disastrous move to Friday nights, it seems there may be hope on the horizon after all for ABC's 'Happy Endings,' which has struggled all season in its shuffling various schedules. New reports suggest that USA …