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Would You Try Pool Bowling? [VIDEO]
Recently, on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, he combined two of my loves into one. By taking the game of bowling and introducing it to the world of billiards, a new game has formed, and I wish someone around here could open up a "bowling pool" hall.
New Movies
Willie Waffle, our movie review expert takes a look at “Prisoners” starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, and Chris Brown's 3-D dance film “Battle Of The Year” hitting the theatres this weekend.
'Wolverine' Tease
One of the most highly anticipated movies of the 2013 summer season is Hugh Jackman once reprising his role as Wolverine. Now, see the first clips from the upcoming summer blockbuster.
New ‘The Wolverine’ Pics: Hugh Jackman Is Looking Sharp
Even when Hugh Jackman is donning his adamantium claws in 'The Wolverine,' he still knows how to bring on the swag factor.
Amidst its latest unveiling of a slew of movie images from the upcoming 2013 superhero slate, including the first official look at 'Thor: The Dark World,' Empire Magazine offered…