Yes or No?
I have come far too attached to my beard and I can't decided if I should cut it or let it grow...
What is "Noshember"?
Welcome to November ladies and gentlemen, the time of year to dispose of your razors and put away the shaving cream. No-Shave November has arrived!
The only problem is that there are some who are unaware of the background and the awareness project behind the beard...
What’s Trending Today – September 21, 2015
As the Digital Managing Editor here at Fun 107, it’s my job to know what’s going on on the interwebs and what you need to know for your water cooler conversations. Here’s what’s trending TODAY:
Beards No More
Shane Victorino and David Ortiz shaved off their beards this morning at Gillette Shaving Headquarters in South Boston.  It initially looked like Victorino was going to leave some hair on his chin, but later changed his mind and had it all shaved off...
Red Sox Beards Are Offending To Some
It's World Series time in Boston tonight! Fans are ready and there is Red Sox gear being worn all over.The talk is about pitching, history and winning for the most part, but SOME are talking beards.
In spring training some of the players decided to start the beard movement, and have kept it up a…
Fear The Beard
The Boston Red Sox will play game 6 of the ALCS at home on Saturday night and an expert photoshopper has changed the outfield logo in centerfield.
It had been a Boston Strong logo for the ALDS and the first two games of the ALCS. We can only hope that the grouds crew sees this photo and is inspired e…
Fun Dynasty?
I love fun things. Thanks to Neal White for showing me this. You can look exactly like one of the guys from the TV show, Duck Dynasty with their beard app.