Tuesday morning's call for "Taco Test Tuesday."

Every Monday night, Gazelle goes to Frontera Grill in Fairhaven and surprises random people with his trivia questions. Whether they're sitting at the bar sipping on refreshing margaritas or enjoying a delicious enchilada, they have no idea what questions they're about to face. From trending topics to music lyrics, Gazelle will test your knowledge and then play it back on Tuesday mornings.

If you missed this week's "Taco Test" and want to challenge your wit and skill, try to answer these trivia questions:

This week's questions are based on Christmas Special TV Shows:


1.) In “A Christmas Story”, what was Ralphie’s old man‘s lamp the shape of?
2.) Believe it or not, ‘Frosty the Snowman’ was partially animated and created in this Asian country.
3.) Which TV network can you find a traditional annual re-run of A Charlie Brown Christmas?
4.) In Rudolph the red nosed reindeer’s elf-friend “Hermie” hopes to one day become something more than just a toy maker. What was his dream career?
5.) What was the name of The Grinch’s dog?



  1. Leg (Women's Leg)
  2. Japan
  3. CBS
  4. Dentist
  5. Max


How did you do? Stay tuned each Tuesday for your weekly dose of "Taco Test Tuesday!"

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