Tuesday morning's call for "Taco Test Tuesdays."

Every Monday night, Gazelle goes to Frontera Grill in Fairhaven and surprises random people with his trivia questions. Whether they're sitting at the bar sipping on refreshing margaritas or enjoying a delicious enchilada, they have no idea what questions they're about to face. From trending topics to music lyrics, Gazelle will test your knowledge and then play it back on Tuesday mornings.

If you missed this week's "Taco Test" and want to challenge your wit and skill, try to answer these trivia questions below.

This week's questions are based on Tom Cruise

1.) Tom Cruise trained in this Naval Fighter Weapons School to become a hotshot pilot in this film.

2.) The 6th film from this series will be released on July 27th and it’s safe to say that Special Agent Ethan Hunt is a tough man to kill.

3.) In order to pay for college, Tom Cruise had to show off his bar tending skills in this film.

4.) “You Complete Me”... 3 iconic words that will melt any woman’s heart. Name the movie this Tom Cruise line came from.

5.) The story of a car dealer who discovers he has an autistic brother, a left behind fortune and an epic car trip.







1.) Top Gun

2.) Mission Impossible

3.) Cocktail

4.) Jerry Maguire

5.) Rain Man

How did you do? Stay tuned each Tuesday for your weekly dose of "Taco Test Tuesday!"

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