Four-plus decades of New Bedford High School proms were held at Venus de Milo in Swansea and it's about to be sold and possibly gone for good.

I guess it's safe to say generations of locals have had at least one event at Venus de Milo.

I remember my prom and just how accommodating the staff there was when it came to dealing with hundreds of obnoxious high school students. I'll raise my hand and say that my prom was pretty eventful. I'm pretty sure my date actually got escorted out in the middle of it. Yeah, I'll let your imagination run wild on why that might have happened.

It makes sense why this spot has been the home of our memories. It has great food and lots of room to dance.

It looks like this venue and the future memories for thousands across the SouthCoast may be gone soon.

The venue recently went on sale and the company that is marketing the sale suggests the venue could be redeveloped or flattened for a new waterside residential or retail project. This, to me, suggests the possibility that this iconic area spot may no longer be if sold.

I get it, with canceled proms from earlier this year, continued wedding cancelations, and their popular restaurant closing permanently back in March, it's been a struggle.

While I think it would be a great location for so many different things, I'd be sad to see future generations of SouthCoast residents not be able to make the same kind of memories here that we did.

What are some memories you have from Venus de Milo?

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