Jason Roy, who was raised in Fall River, and now currently lives in Swansea, has been named as a cast member of the CBS hit reality show “Big Brother 17.”

The reality show, in which strangers live together in a house are filmed and recorded 24 hours a day over a span of three months, announced its cast earlier this week, and Roy was chosen as one of the 14 contestants to compete for the $500,000.

According to The Herald News, Matthew Roy, who is an assistant vice chancellor for civic engagement at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and Jason’s nephew, confirmed that he had no idea that Jason even tried out for the show, never mind that he had been named a cast member.

Jason Roy is 25 years old and is the son of Marc and Christine Roy. The show will begin airing season 17 on Wednesday, June 24, at 8pm on CBS.

Jason also works at the supermarket Stop & Shop and he has been a Big Brother super fan for many years.

Jason’s profile is also on the Big Brother cast list. In the Big Brother house, Jason plans on having an all-female alliance and believes that the stronger competitors need to get out of the game quickly. Winning challenges is a huge part in Jason’s strategy and he admits that he does not get easily intimidated.

After three months, the last house guest will win the grand prize. Those who know Jason believe that he is going to do well because he knows what to expect from being a fan of the show.

Our eyes will be glued to the television this coming Wednesday at 8pm when CBS airs the first episode of the 17th season of Big Brother.

Watch the video down below of Roy’s interview with former Big Brother contestant Jeff Schroeder.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez