There's a real-life Superman living right here on the SouthCoast and his secret identity is Brandon Southworth.

It was quite the wild ride on Wednesday evening for the 18-year-old Fall River native, who recently moved to Westport. Southworth, a graduate from Durfee who currently works at the Fall River YMCA as a lifeguard and also part-time at Lazer Gate, was just getting off his shift at the Y when he encountered a strange situation that could have endangered the lives of the public.

As Southworth was heading home, he noticed the driver of the truck behind him was revving the engine. As he took off, the truck stopped in the middle of the road, with the driver unconscious at the wheel. When Southworth approached the man to ask if he was alright, the driver woke up suddenly then took off, driving erratically throughout the streets of Fall River, eventually sideswiping a tow truck and flipping over.

The entire time, Southworth followed the man and when he witnessed the collision, he sprung to action and grabbed his first aid kit. To his surprise, the man got out of the truck, now on its side at this point of time, and began fleeing the scene.

This is where the action begins.

Southworth immediately began to chase him, running intimidatingly Terminator-like, ready to take down the culprit who fled the scene of a crime. His arm grabbed underneath the man's arms and he tackled him to the ground, holding him in a body lock (Southworth went undefeated on Durfee's wrestling team) and containing him until authorities showed up.

Today, Southworth joined the Rock and Fox Show to tell his story and to be honored for the fact that he just might have prevented a tragedy. He saved not only the lives of the public, but also the life of this man who caused havoc in the city Wednesday evening.

Just know, Brandon, that this community as a whole is extremely proud of your selfless and courageous act. You alone are the difference between good and evil, the righteous and the wrong, justice and injustice on the SouthCoast.

Not all heroes wear capes; some simply wear whistles around their necks.

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