Once again there are less flights heading out of T.F. Green Airport.

Last month Norwegian Airlines announced it would be ending it's flights to Ireland out of T.F. Green, now Sun Country Airlines says all of it's flights from the Rhode Island airport are ending earlier than planned too.

The airline has decided to transfer their aircrafts to more profitable routes for winter's busy travel months, leaving locals with plans to head to Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Las Vegas, Nashville and New Orleans out of luck.

These flights just started at T.F. Green and now they are quickly being taken away?

Maybe the airline felt these new routes out of Rhode Island would fill up a lot faster than they did? Or overestimated the amount of travel New Englanders do?

Whatever the reason for the change, it is coming fast.

Originally the plan was going to be to end these offered flights in 2020. Some were scheduled to end in January, others were going as long as April.

Now all of these routes will be cancelled for the season as of October 28.

So if you had travel plans to any of those four locations after October, you'd better start looking for a new airline.

Folks at T.F. Green must not have seen this coming either. They were just posting to Facebook last week about the round-trip flights to Vegas.

In fact on September 4th they said the service was launching. So what went wrong in five days?

Seasonal service is expected to return next April as of right now, but I'm sure this season's experience is going to leave a very bad taste in travelers mouths when it comes to booking Sun Country ever again.

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