June is over...we are into Summer now!  The 4th of July is just a few days away, and everybody has a 4 day weekend on their mind.  (Not me, I'll be working!)

I was looking at my calendar for the next few months and it seems like everybody is getting married this Summer!  Congrats to them, but it has me thinking...

It's SUMMER. Do I really want to spend my weekends all dressed up sweating at a wedding when I could be at one of the lovely South Coast beaches or visiting a friend with a pool?

Not only does it seem like a waste of a precious day off, but this is going to be expensive.  Both, for the couples who are actually getting married AND for ME as a guest!  (It's a good thing I'm working all weekend so I can afford all of this!)

Start off with the engagement gifts, bridal shower gifts, not to mention buying new clothes to wear to the wedding.  If it is far away, or will be getting over really late you might have to spend money traveling there or booking a hotel room.  All that is before you even give the bride and groom their wedding gift.

Now I'm REALLY stumped.  How much money do you put in the card?

I know it depends on how close you are to the couple, and how long you've known them, or whatever you can afford.  I'd love to know how much is enough.  I hope I don't run out of checks!


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