It's one-part music, one-part dance and all parts fun when you check out Stomp at PPAC this weekend.

The Stomp tour has rolled into Providence and you still have two more chances to catch it at the Providence Performing Arts Center.

I feel like Stomp has been around forever and yet I had never seen it. Until now.

Perhaps like me you just thought "they make music with stuff, right?" Well, you'd be right and yet very wrong.

This show is so much more than "music with stuff." There is really a captivating energy that comes from the performers and everything they are doing on stage.

The way they move, dance, interact—it's all very intense and impactful.

You get drawn into the rhythm of it all and can't help but be amazed at all they can make music with.

Brooms, trash can lids, buckets and even matchboxes are fair game. And much more melodic than you might think.

The cast was great, too. And they get super fun character names for the show.

There's Particle Man, Potato Head and even Bin Bitch (and yes she plays the bins, with a hammer I might add).

And the show flies by too. It's less than two hours with no intermission so you're taking it all in and then heading out talking about how amazing it was.

You can see it for yourself Saturday April 13th at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. and then it stomps out of town.

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