If you feel like being an adult in 2023 is hard, these two SouthCoast women want you to know that you’re not alone.

When Stephani Bartholomew of Dartmouth and Lauren Beaudoin of New Bedford met for the first time during the pandemic, they instantly bonded over their shared woes of “millennial probs” and mom struggles. They had a feeling that they weren’t the only two people struggling with the weight of life and decided to make a podcast.

The Stay Rooted Podcast officially launched in April, and with over 50 episodes in the books, it’s clear that their candid conversations about life are resonating with others.

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Meet the Women Behind the Stay Rooted Podcast

Stephani Bartholomew, a 31-year-old mom of two, is a purchaser for a manufacturing company. Lauren Beaudoin, also a 31-year-old mom of two, is a registered nurse who works in surgical recovery. Thanks to Myspace, the two became friends, and have stayed friends ever since.

During the pandemic, Bartholomew had an idea.

“We started as internet friends, then during the pandemic, I reached out to Steph and said I was feeling super alone and isolated, and she agreed” Beaudoin.  “We allowed our toddlers to integrate and get together, and we realized our thought processes were so similar.”

Conversations about mom life and being a millennial in this new COVID world began to pour out, and quickly, two women who were feeling so lonely suddenly felt validated and hopeful.

In April of this year, they decided to launch their very own podcast. Their daily conversations were now being streamed, and the Stay Rooted Podcast has now become a safe space for so many people.

What to Expect on the Stay Rooted Podcast

“We are the mom support group that you would never attend in real life,” said Bartholomew.

The Stay Rooted Podcast is not only for moms but also for the average millennial who is just trying to figure out life.

“We are living in a very different version of the world than our parents, and we want everyone to pull up a chair, take a seat, and connect with us,” said Bartholomew. “We want people to feel connected to us, feel less alone, and laugh with us.”

Phebe Camire
Phebe Camire

“When Steph and I first hung out, there was a feeling of validation,” said Beaudoin. “When someone sees you for who you truly are, it’s cool. We’re just here to let you know that everyone else is thinking the same thing.”

With social media, this generation is more connected than ever, and yet, we often feel the most lonely. Covid halted social communication and social media has everyone believing that if you don’t have a perfectly curated, color-schemed, cookie-cutter life, you have failed.

Bartholomew and Beaudoin are peeling back the curtain on mom/adult standards, and proving that a curated world is smoke and mirrors. Every day struggles are real, and so are the conversations on their podcast.

“It’s so hard to prioritize yourself before your kids, and this podcast has been something we’ve done for ourselves, other moms, and other people,” said Beaudoin. “It’s okay to prioritize yourself.”

And it’s okay to feel crazy. But feeling crazy with a loving community is way better.

Find the Stay Rooted Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and social media.

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