Have you been dialing *77 to try and  avoid the spam call on your cell? The Massachusetts State Police want you to stop.

Apparently there has been a theory floating that by dialing *77 on your cell phone you can prevent those annoying spam calls from coming through.

Well, I guess it doesn't work for everyone and people in Massachusetts who try it are actually causing problems with one town's 911 system.

What the *77 actually does is dial Framingham's 911 line and cause some serious chaos.

According to WBZ, the advice to dial *77 to block robocalls came from USA Today.

They wrote

Depending on your service, you may have access to Anonymous Call Rejection. Enter the magic number *77, and you will hear three beeps. Hang up, and any call that hides its number will be rejected.

Well in Massachusetts your service does not do this. *77 won't work locally for getting rid of those annoying phone calls and police hope you don't even try.

They are hoping people will spread the word about the *77 confusion after receiving 280 calls to the Framingham 911 line on Thursday afternoon.

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