All too often, we go on day in and day out and don't ever take a moment to look at all the good around us.

So many of us along the SouthCoast were born at St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford. The staff at that hospital is second to none in the area.

Imagine that the same hospital that brought you into the world helped you get married. When I saw this story, I got chills. I don't think I have the right words for what the staff at St. Luke's did to help this beautiful bride get married and include her father, who has been fighting the toughest battle of his life.

If you haven't seen this viral video of what happened, here it is:

I couldn't help but get the chills. While I'm not a pro at wedding dresses, I will say this bride looked absolutely beautiful.

They even got family pictures taken with the dad in his bed. It's both heart-breaking and heart-warming.

This year alone I have attended four weddings, with each bride wanting their dads to walk them down the aisle and be there on their wedding day. Have you ever been in or at a wedding where something like this had to happen to make sure all the family was still there?

Either way, I have to hand it to the amazing staff at St. Luke's who made this happen for this bride. A true example of the good side of humanity and a reminder just how amazing people are in our community. Never take anything for granted.

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