In an episode called 'A Bar Full Of Bull", Spike TV's Jon Taffer and his "Bar Rescue" crew visited New Bedford recently.  The subject of their rescue was Libads Bar & Grill.

Spike TV

Libads is run by brother and sister John and Jessica DeMelo who used money from their father Barry's retirement to purchase the bar.  After a few successful years Lebads was struggling after some setbacks including the death of a cousin that worked in the kitchen.

They closed the kitchen and just served drinks, Barry knew that the bar was losing money and contacted the Bar Rescue team that showed up and took over.  They showed how the bartenders were over pouring and were losing the business thousands of dollars, one of the bartenders even poured a shot in his shoe and drank it!

Spike TV

Taffer and his crew closed Libads and retrained the staff and reopened the kitchen focusing on pizza.  Once they had everyone trained added new drinks to the menu and the pizza they re-opend as Libads Seaside Tavern.  Jon chose the name because of the area and history of New Bedford.

Not only did the bar rescue team rework the menu's and staff but they also redid the inside and outside of the bar including turning the mechanical bull they had into a mechanical whale, more fitting for America's Largest Seaport!

The all new Libad's Seaside Tavern is located on Brock ave in New Bedford.