It's the Fourth of July weekend and lots of festivities are kicking off today. And whether you're going out to see fireworks or having your own backyard show, there are some safety tips to keep in mind. 

Nobody wants to be a statistic, but every year hundreds of people are injured from firework accidents. So whether you're going crazy with roman candles or staying simple with sparklers,the National Council on Fireworks Safety says there are certain things that can keep you and the kids safe this holiday season.


  • Things to have

    Sounds simple enough, but having a bucket of waterclose by or your backyard hose turned on and near you when lighting off fireworks is important. Water with fireworks is always a good idea! As are closed toe shoes. I know it's summer and you want your flip-flops, but keeping your feet covered and protected from any falling sparks is your safest bet. And you can always put the flip-flops back on when your done!

  • Things to avoid

    Sparkler safety is pretty simple and full of common sense. Firework safety experts say to never hand a lit sparkler to someone else and avoid waving it around. You should also stay at least six feet away from someone else with a sparkler and you should always hold it upright. And of course even when the sparkler has gone out, the stick is still hot! Drop it in that bucket of water you have handy to prevent unnecessary burns.