Talk about a totally random conversation that was sparked by absolutely nothing.

One of our contest winners this morning on Fun 107's Michael and Maddie was from Blueberry Lane in Dartmouth.

"Sounds delicious," I joked with her.

We got to talking, and she brought up two more delicious-sounding street names in Dartmouth: Cotton Candy Lane and Candy Apple Drive. Both are part of the neighborhood that was built on the former Lincoln Park property, so all of the street names are amusement park-themed, which is fun.

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I feel like Cotton Candy Lane should be found in the game of Candy Land. It's not, by the way. I looked it up. It sure sounds magical, though. The closest thing would be Candy Castle, where King Candy lives.

We tossed around other names on the air, and got some great input from our audience.

One woman told us she lived on Apple Tree Lane (not far from Riccardi's in New Bedford). Maddie brought up Cranberry Highway. I countered with Fish Road in Tiverton, with some resistance from Maddie and Gazelle who argued that fish wasn't yummy enough for our game.

Another listener said she thinks she's seen a Peach Cobbler Drive in Acushnet.

We decided that naming streets after food is a brilliant idea, and we should be doing much more of it as a society.  We think it could be a huge moral booster for everyone.

For example, there's no way anyone is having a bad day at Chicken Parm Place. Not only that, but who wouldn't want to visit a friend who lives on Chicken Parm Place?  No one, that's who.

We then shifted gears, asking:

If you could name your own street after your favorite food, what would it be? 

Here are a few of the more entertaining answers.

SouthCoast Should Name More Streets After Food Favorites

We asked you to name a street after your favorite food, and it was hilarious.

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