Just like that, the summer of 2022 is closing in fast.

Clothing stores across New England and the SouthCoast are already reeling in their summer apparel and breaking out the sweatshirts and winter coats -- a genuine inconvenience for anyone looking to travel south or simply soak in the remaining warmth.

When it comes to flip-flops or sandals, good luck finding any seasonal leftovers.

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In planning a last-minute camping trip this weekend with the fiancee, I needed to pick up a new pair of flip-flops after blowing mine out on the Westport River while dragging my kayak to shore. A real bummer, but those flip-flops were past their prime.

Unaware that I was in for a wild goose chase, I began shopping around the SouthCoast in search of sandals.

I started at Walmart on Route 6. The selection was bare -- mainly slippers, boots and only a couple of slide-ons, but none my size.

From Walmart, I made my way to Target in Dartmouth where they had only three pairs of $4 flip-flops -- again, none that fit my grizzly feet.

I left the store and walked over to Famous Footwear, but the sandals there were quite pricey at $45 per pair and I wasn't about to pay that amount for sandals I'm bound to get dirty quickly.

If there were no other options, I knew I could at least return to the store as T.J. Maxx only had knockoff crocs.

Finally, Ocean State Job Lot came in clutch with a solid selection of men's flip-flops.

Can I get a "Hallelujah?"

Not only were they perfect for a rugged camping trip, but they were also affordable and did my feet justice for only $13.

That being said, if you find yourself stuck in the same situation, hanging on to the last drop of summer and in need of a good pair of sandals, then this should come in handy.

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