I have an embarrassing situation on my hands that has me wondering if I’m the smelly coworker/neighbor and no one told me. My house has been infested by flies and I have no idea how they are getting in or how to get them out. I need some serious help.

I am constantly interrupted by the monotonous buzzing of these pests flying around my kitchen and living room as my cats try their hardest to catch them. They have been successful, but they cannot seem to keep up with the number of flies that get into my home. I am lucky enough to have air conditioning, so I rarely open my windows and doors. I open my front and back doors for some natural light, but the glass storm door stays firmly shut.

I did a deep clean of my house on Tuesday and found a dozen dead flies scattered throughout the house. It was my final straw. Fly swatters aren’t going to cut it anymore.

Resa Andrade called into Michael and Maddie with an unconventional idea that she had learned from her mother.

“My mother did this crazy thing, but it works,” Andrade said. “She put pennies on the windows, and they never came back.”

This sounds like witchcraft, but I’m willing to try anything at this point.

Another gentleman called in and suggested that I put a quarter cup of bleach down every drain in my home.

“it’s possible they are coming through the pipes,” he said. That’s when I remembered I have a garbage disposal. I wonder if the flies are attracted to it.

Either way, I will be trying both of these unique tactics to get rid of my embarrassing problem.

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