We got a decent amount of snow for our first real snowstorm this season. The SouthCoast received anywhere between three and four inches of freshly fallen snow since 8 pm last night. The good news is the kiddos were granted a traditional snow day, and not a "remote-learning" day, as some feared they would.

While I'm no longer winter's biggest fan, there was a time when I lived for snow days and prayed for them. My first goal was to go sledding. The second was to build a snowman with my brother and sister.


We asked our audience to send us pictures of their own snowmen and we did not expect so many of you to send us your masterpieces. We received over 130 comments with your awesome photos. Not that there are rules to building a snowman, but I'm glad to see kids were creative and thought outside of the box. From Oreos for eyes to a cheese stick for a nose, SouthCoast kids know how to make lemonade out of lemons. And to stay away from yellow snow.

My two-year-old nephew, Sam, doesn't live on the SouthCoast, but his mom sent me a picture of his little snowman and he's really proud of it. I just thought you should see it too.

Photo contributed by Maria Dudek

Here are just a few of the many talented sculptures we saw today.

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SouthCoast Snowmen of December 2020