A new year means a new diet for those of you who made the resolution to slim down or just eat better.

Often, such a lifestyle change means having to give some things up -- but that doesn't have to be the case with seafood.

If there is one thing we all know about the SouthCoast, it's that seafood is on just about every menu at every restaurant. We have it good with all the options and different styles of preparation. Oh, and let's not forget just how fresh the seafood is, seeing as it's basically harvested in our own backyard.

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So, how can you enjoy the seafood you love while also sticking to the diet you promised yourself?

Well, when not fried or drowned in butter and seasoning (which kind of defeats the healthy part), seafood can have some great benefits. I put together a list of seafood and what health benefits they come with to help you make better choices whether you're eating in or out.

I'm not a seafood expert. I merely gathered this info so you don't have to. I come from a family that absolutely loves any and all kinds of seafood and I want to help them, like you, make better decisions.

Bon appetit!

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