Local psychic medium Stephanie Burke has had a lot to say about the stars lately. There are three events happening this week that we should all be paying attention to.

The first one is Saturn in retrograde. Saturn, the karmic planet, has been in retrograde since Sunday, May 23. According to Burke, this is a time to step back and rethink our goals.

“Saturn being retrograde at this time adds to the theme of change coming with this eclipse,” said Burke. “It’s the best time to leave the past behind for something much better. If you’ve had a bunch of what feels like random new ideas or you’re holding onto old hopes and dreams, you’re not alone. The timing is perfect to move through these thoughts and feelings and sort them out.”

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The second event is the full moon on Wednesday, May 26. The full moon occurring in May is known as the Flower Moon, and this one happens to be a Supermoon to boot. The moon will be the closest to Earth as it ever will be this year, making it appear to be bigger and brighter than normal. May’s Flower Moon will technically be the biggest and brightest full moon of the year. What makes this one even more special is that there is a total lunar eclipse happening in the early hours of Wednesday morning, which is the third event,

“Full moons are normally intense, but add an eclipse to the equation and it turns up the heat,” said Burke. “This is the first eclipse of the year and it begins eclipse season. Eclipses mark a period of major change for us. This one in particular will bring transformations, revelations, and realizations. We’ve gone through some major shifts back and forth for the last year and a half. We’ve learned a lot, we’ve grown and evolved, and some of us may not feel like we’re the same person as we were before. This full moon eclipse will help to ease that confusion and shake things up just enough in order to allow us to fall where we’re meant to land. Don’t be surprised at sudden endings or new opportunities.”

According to Burke, it’s time to release any outdated beliefs, ideals, and situations that hurt us, scare us, no longer make us happy, and that stop us from succeeding.

“It’s important to remember that even if this feels rough, don’t give up,” said Burke. “You’ll soon realize that everything that happens, does so for a reason. Be mindful of your emotions during this time. They tend to run high, and with Mercury retrograde on the heels of this full moon eclipse, things could go south quickly when it comes to conflict or confrontations. If things are going happy and smooth for you, there’s no need to worry. Just be aware of what could be. If things are rocky, confused or there is any uncertainty, this is where things could blow up. As hideous as that sounds, eclipses bring the change that we sometimes NEED. It brings us closer to the overall bigger picture of where we need to be and who we’re meant to be.”

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