Labor day Weekend, the day to celebrate American Labor - if you can even find employment.


The unofficial start of Fall or the last official weekend of summer!! Kids and college students - myself included - going back to school! Some people have a party or a bbq. Some live at the beach for the weekend. Some people deal with traffic (see above).

My tradition was started by my father and I when I was about 9. Every Labor day, we like to go to an overpass off the Mid Cape Highway..usually Exit 4 with a super soaker filled with ice cold water.  If you've never been to Cape Cod, U.S Rte 6 is the main highway off Cape Cod, a man made island, where the rich and famous like to spend summers.

Most of the time on Labor Day Monday. People sit in a line of cars waiting to get over the Sagamore Bridge. Locals on Cape, like to go to the overpasses of the Highway and literally throw a party! I mean, grills, chairs, music and people hanging out with signs that say goodbye, and "life's a beach" and water guns! no big deal, except to those convertables who have the tops down. The one of funniest things I've ever seen! The tourists love it! and we love it because we get our home back, which by the way, has a population that multiplies by 75% between May and September!

Enjoy you're long Labor Day Weekend! I know I will!