The winter weather arrives for the first time this season on Wednesday and the meteorologists at ABC6 are letting us know just how bad it will be.

The first snow of the season can be magical and awful all at the same time. Seeing everything covered in white is beautiful, but dealing with a road full of drivers who somehow always seem to forget how to drive in snow from year to year is terrible.

So just how stressful will this snowfall be for folks on the SouthCoast? Luckily it is not a "run to the market and get all the bread and milk you can" kind of snow. Right now it seems much more like a slow, light snowfall that accumulates just enough to give the world that covered in powdered sugar look. My favorite kind of snowfall.

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We spoke with Jeff Desnoyers, chief meteorologist at ABC6, and he broke down the timing and accumulations people across the region should prepare for.

When Will the Snow Start on the SouthCoast?

Desnoyers said snow will start to hit the SouthCoast Wednesday afternoon and continue through the night, ending just around the Thursday morning commute. That does mean two major driving times could be affected by the wet conditions and drivers should take extra time and care heading home Wednesday and back to work Thursday.

How Much Snow Will the SouthCoast See?

Not too much here along the SouthCoast. Because we are along the water, the temperatures will stay warm enough to mix the snow and rain and basically make the roads more wet than anything else.

The snowfall is also fairly light, ending with maybe an inch or so of total accumulation by Thursday morning. With temperatures still so mild lately, anything that does fall probably won't stick around for very long.

Icy Conditions Expected for the SouthCoast

Though the snow we get on the SouthCoast will be decorative at best, there is some danger on the roadways late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning. Things will be wet and temperatures will be dropping, leading to potential spots of black ice.

Desnoyers said though the roads may not be very slick, sidewalks and patios will be, so try to stay on your feet as you head out to the car.

Basically, it is a small storm that will look nicer falling than it will melting on the ground, but the first snowfall of the season is always fun to see. Enjoy it!

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