At New Bedford's ABC Disposal Service, you'll find one of the nicest dispatchers and customer service representatives in the area.

Her name is Kristin Braga.

For the last four to five years, Braga has gone above and beyond as a customer service superstar for the family-owned business, assuring that work gets done in a respectful and kind matter.

She started off answering phone calls from community members who either had complaints, concerns or inquiries. In any case, no matter what the issue (every business has these calls), everyone knows it's not the easiest job and always needs to be handled with caution and care.

Braga was the perfect fit for the job description.

Recently, she was promoted to dispatch, where she communicates on a daily basis between the office and the drivers out on the road. She not only instructs them where to go for the next job, but she helps guide them throughout the city to ensure that the ABC Disposal driver gets to their destination safely and timely.

At ABC Disposal, the crew is one big family. Everyone I spoke with said that Braga is metaphorically the glue that bonds the trust, loyalty and love together, all while maintaining a positive attitude throughout her shift, ensuring that the job gets done right the first time.

Kudos, Kristin!

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