Although the overall economy is strong as we enter the new year, there are some retailers that are struggling and at risk of closing in 2018.  Many of those companies have stores here on the Southcoast.

According to, here are the stores that are at risk of not surviving until the end of the year:

Sears.  The closing of this iconinc retailer has been rumored for years, but it may become fact this year.  The Sears Holding company's credit rating continues to fall, as does their share of the market.  Sears is located in the Dartmouth Mall.

JCPenney.  This is a store I like and have shopped for many years.  Over the past two years this retailer has closed dozens and dozens of locations, but they still continue to struggle.  You can find JCPenney stores in the Dartmouth Mall and at Wareham Crossing.

Barnes & Noble.  I also like this store.  I can graze for hours at a Barnes & Noble.  However, the USA Today story says that the company, which has already closed many stores, is losing money on a weekly basis.  Too bad.  You can find a Barnes & Nobel in the Dartmouth Towne Center.

Payless.  This is another retailer that has been forced to close over 800 of its stores over the past couple of years.  Despite filing for bankruptcy last year, the company is still struggling to pay bills.  There are Payless ShoeSource stores locations on Kings Highway, New Bedford, in the Dartmouth Mall, Silver City Galleria and at the Swansea Mall. 

GNC.  Although on the list, it's reported that GNC is in better shape than many others as they are now reporting a profit.  They still continue to lose market share to those onine companies offering similar products.  GNC stroes are located in the Fairhaven Commons on Alden Road, on Coggeshall Street in New Bedford, and in the Dartmouth Mall.

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