Rumor has it that Sonic is looking to open 50 more locations in Massachusetts and one store in Somerset will be opening in a few weeks. I'm silently (and not so silently) rejoicing purely because of the Tater Tots and Sonic Blasts. 

sonic drive-thru
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[UPDATE - FEB. 27, 2016] Since we liked our original post too much, we decide to update you here on a tentative opening date. Sources are reporting that the Sonic in Somerset will be opening on March 23. Rumors of another location coming to Warwick are really fulfilling our dreams of having Sonics on every corner, kind of like Dunks. See you at Sonic - last one there has to buy everyone slushies!

[ORIGINAL POST - OCT. 27, 2015] Sonic is coming to the former Wendy's location at 707 Grand Army Highway in Somerset. The sign officially went up today and the brush was being cleared off the site yesterday. A Sonic has recently opened in Smithfield, RI and while there are some Sonic locations out in Northern and Western Mass, we here on the Southcoast are PUMPED about having one locally. Here are five GIFs to explain our feelings on Sonic's newest additions to the Bay State:

Because one order of Tater Tots is NEVER, EVER enough:

I could probably survive for the rest of my days on Sonic Blasts alone:


Whoever said 'summer bodies are made in the winter!' obviously never had FIFTY new Sonics coming to their state:

mean girls

I wouldn't even be mad if someone rubbed my face in their ever-plentiful soda options or a box of Ched'R Bites like this:


And finally, because this was my ONLY reaction when I heard the news:

food more than people

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