Yes, Ed Sheeran is honestly the best modern day writer in pop music probably just in front of Sia (if you don't know, they write for just about everyone). So, I'll throw a few obvious ones out first then give you some real ones you had no idea about!

  1. Love Yourself - Justin Bieber

This song Bieber (as much as he is my favorite artist), had nothing to do with lyrically. The dead give away is that Ed Sheeran is also the falsetto (high notes) during the chorus.

2. Cold Water - Justin Bieber

The craziest thing about this song is Bieber and Diplo (who helped Bieber produce many hits on his albums Journals and Purpose) made the finalized product for this song to be sold and when they told Sheeran they were going to use it, he forgot he even wrote it... must be nice to be able to write number one hits and forget about them.

    3. Little Things - One Direction

Let's be honest, after now seeing all the solo careers of One Direction's members, this isn't a surprise they didn't write most their music when they first came out (before you get upset and start defending them, once again, I love their music, it's not a knock on them, but a credit to Ed Sheeran).

    4. Strip That Down - Liam Payne

Not a major surprise seeing Liam Payne was once a member in One Direction. Not always does Sheeran write specific songs for specific artists, but he specifically wanted this song to be for Payne in his effort to free himself from his 1D image ("You know I used to be in 1D, now I'm out free").

    5. Shape of You - Ed Sheeran***

I know most people who just read that are saying, why is that here, that is his song and everyone knows it, he even sings it. Yes, BUT, when Sheeran initially wrote it, he didn't want to keep it, he wanted to give it to Rihanna and another male vocalist for a duet! Once again, it's crazy how he can write number one hits like nothing!


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