Holly McNamara has been a selectman for the Town of Somerset since being elected in 2016. Since that time, she says she has struggled to come to grips with what she described as both online and in-person harassment and bullying.

"I have lost most of my hope over the past two years," she said.

McNamara said she had already made the decision to not seek re-election next year, but has now reconsidered, and told us this morning on Michael and Maddie that she has decided to resign from her position effective immediately.

"I have decided that I want no part in the bullying. I want no part in the harassment...and no part in the constant hate and venom," she said.

The divisive issue in the town is all about Brayton Point and the best use of its land. McNamara told Fun 107 that disagreements with members of the Save the Bay group went way too far.

"Explosive packages have been sent to (town employees') private homes with a note 'from Brayton Point friends,'" she said. She told us that it was meant as intimidation of an elected official (Editor's Note: As a means of clarifying "explosive packages," Fun 107 has seen a copy of the incident report filed with police and the device was described as like "a glitter bomb").

"There is proof," she said. "People didn't believe it for a while, but it is true."

She said that people in town will drive by her and scream things out of their windows at her, she's had people throw things at her car, and threatening to throw rocks on her lawn.

"The ROI has completely diminished," McNamara said.

"So you're out as of right now? As of this morning, you're not a selectman in the Town of Somerset anymore?" I asked McNamara.

"I'm going to turn in my keys today," McNamara told us. "And I'm done. Civility has been lost in our town."

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