Sometimes, the holiday season is paired with stress and anxiety, but there is an anonymous pair of do-gooders living in Somerset that aims to spread cheer down Randall Avenue. They are called the Randall Ave Elves and seem to be helping out Santa as they leave presents on the steps of their neighbors.

Elizabeth Silva has lived on Randall Avenue in Somerset for the past eight years, and for the past two years, she has been surprised by a thoughtful gift at her door, signed “The Randall Ave Elves.”

“They’ve been doing this since COVID started,” Silva said. “They live on our street, I think, and for holidays they come to our doorstep and deliver something.”

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Silva asked among her neighbors, and the truth is, no one quite knows for certain who the “elves” are, but for the past few holidays, the thoughtful elves will make a homemade gift, wrap it up nicely, and place it on the steps of each home that lines Randall Avenue.

Silva captured video footage of the elves mid-drop-off recently, showing a woman and seemingly her daughter place the gift and continue on, but their identities still remain a magical mystery.

“They made an ornament (this year) with candy and a light-up necklace for Christmas,” Silva said. “For Easter, it was a plant they put in a little pot.”

It’s a small gesture, but the thought behind the surprise is what Silva appreciates the most.

“It really makes our day. To have kids be taught to be so giving and thoughtful is really sweet,” she said.

These caring elves aren’t worried about receiving credit, but rather making someone smile for the sake of smiling. That’s the type of story that’s worth sharing.

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