A Somerset mother is on a mission to reunite a lost teddy bear with its rightful owner after her daughters spotted it on the side of the road.

While some people may have kept driving, mothers understand the attachment that children can have with adorable toys, and Samantha Moraes hopes to find the child who may be looking for their stuffed panda bear.

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On Wednesday, Moraes and her two daughters were at a red light near Red’s Convenience Store off G.A.R. Highway when Moraes’s 4-year-old shouted, “Ma! Look, a baby panda!”

Her daughter asked her to grab the teddy bear because it was “too cold” for it to be outside.

Moraes told her daughters it was best to leave the bear there, just in case the owner would come back searching for it.

“I told her that it could be a child’s favorite toy and maybe they dropped it and could be looking for it,” she said. “I told her that when we head back home later in the night, I’ll swing by the same way and see if it was still there.”

Moraes’s daughters couldn’t stop talking about the panda and they were adamant about finding the rightful owner. When Moraes returned later in the day, the poor bear was still there, so she decided to take it home and share it on her town’s Facebook page.

“I just know what it’s like for your child to lose their favorite toy and be heartbroken when you cannot find it," Moraes said.

With the encouragement of her daughters and a mother’s intuition kicking in, Moraes hopes to reunite this cute bear with its original owner.

Spread the word. Let’s get this panda bear home.

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