There’s something fishy in the water.

That’s what some Somerset residents seem to think. One resident reported a “funny” taste, and her comment was met by dozens of others in agreement.

So what’s with the water in Somerset?


Alexa Deuso asked members of a Somerset Facebook group, “Is the water tasting funny to anyone else?”

Apparently, it was tasting funny to others as hundreds of comments flooded her post.

“…had a bit of a metal taste but thought it was just me,” said Patio Menard.

“Agree!” chimed in Susan Maturi. “The water has been awful for a long time even with refrigerator filters. Always has a metal or chemical taste!”

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The vast majority of commenters seem to be in agreement that the water has a metallic taste, with other residents complaining about a swampy and moldy smell. On several occasions, comments about a pink, gunky residue were reported.

How could clean water have such a horrid taste and unsettling appearance?

I decided to check out the Town of Somerset’s website, where I found a press release on water age reduction. The statement explains that “chlorine is added to drinking water to disinfect and passivate potential pathogens that may be present.”

Somerset used to get its water from the Dighton wells, but with the closing of the power plant, the water age in the delivery pipes and tanks has increased. That also explains reports of hydrants being frequently drained around town. It’s an effort from the town to reduce that water age and chlorinated byproduct.

While the town seems to have a system in place to cut down on aging water, residents are less than satisfied with its quality.

Water filters are always helpful, but that merely masks the underlying problem. Is there a better way to get drinkable tap water to the town? Asking for some friends.

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