We are getting really close to Christmas. Even if you were super prepared and finished your shopping a few weeks ago, you may find that you might have missed someone and have to go out and get a quick gift.

My go-to gifts when we get this close to the big day are gift cards and, well, the most random thing I can find that reminds me of the person I have to buy for. Sometimes things just pop out at me that scream "that person" on my list.

Now I can't say that I was the one that spotted this pretty awesome find, but I will say it may make the perfect gift for someone that can take a good joke on the holiday. No prudes allowed.

This was seen at a local Walgreen's, and it's "buy one, get one half off" at that! You could actually give TWO people this amazing gift.

Make It Rain

That's right. I like to call this item the "Stripper Gun," Fill 'er up with a bunch of ones and make it rain on your friends. This gift would absolutely be the talk of your holiday gatherings.

Personally, you can give this to me, but I'd want you to fill it with hundred dollar bills.

They have a similar gift with a good price on Amazon, too, in case you don't want to leave your couch in this cold.

I know this may not be the best last-minute gift for everyone. So here are a few other fun options for those of you that have been waiting until the very last minute to get something.

And this is on my wish list! Please include cheese and wine with this one:

Happy Holidays! Hope you get a stripper money gun under your tree.

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