Delaying the start of the school day because of the Super Bowl.  I'm not sure whether I absolutely love this idea or absolutely hate it.

A high school in Easton will have a three-hour delay on Monday to accommodate students that want to watch the Patriots in the Super Bowl.  School will start at 10:55 Monday morning at Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School.  This is not the first time the school has had a football-related delay.  The high school also had a three-hour delay last year after the Patriots won the Super Bowl. The school says that there has been low attendance in previous years the day after the Patriots played in the Super Bowl.  They've had a boatload of data to analyze since the Patriots have been in the big game a total of 8 times in the past 16 years.

Malden Catholic High School took it a step further!  The Malden school sent home a note to parents that read, "As has been the tradition at Malden Catholic during the Brady-Belichick Era, we will celebrate a Headmaster's Holiday on Monday, February 5th.  Enjoy the game and Go Pats!"

Man, I gotta admit.  I am crazy jealous of both of these schools.

The question is, do you agree that schools should have a delay after the Patriots play in the Super Bowl?

Additional Reporting by Madisyn Bozarth

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