Solar energy has come along way from powering that calculator.  You'll notice more and more homes across the Southcoast are adorning their roofs with solar panels. Take that electric company.

Chuck_NC, Flickr
Chuck_NC, Flickr

As we invest in technology that leaves a smaller carbon footprint, while also reducing our dependency on foreign resources, we're discovering some pretty cool things. So how does solar energy work and what other cool stuff can it do besides power my calculator?

I found a pretty cool article about solar powered breweries.  The Arbor Brewing Company's Corner Brewery is one of them in Michigan. According to the article posted on Treehugger:

The $95,000 Arbor Brewing Company project included a 2.4 solar photovoltaic array, 300 solar thermal collector tubes and a high efficiency tankless water heater system. They also switched to LED lighting in the facility.
The system is expected to offset gas usage by between 40 percent and 50 percent and electricity usage between 15 percent to 20 percent.

We applaud their green initiatives.  There are lots of reasons to go solar! Want to find out more about making your business or home solar powered? Click here for information from Acushnet Alternative Heating, our Local Experts!