A door-to-door solar company has been scamming Rhode Islanders out of tens of thousands of dollars.

NBC 10 reported this week that several Rhode Island homeowners had been fooled by the same solar installer and now the public is being warned.

According to homeowners that spoke with NBC 10, Altaray Solar based in Utah has solar panel salesmen in the area pitching people on the energy savings of having panels installed on their roofs.

A few people bought the pitch and had the work done to their home to get the panels installed, only to find out that none of the panels were installed correctly, the electrical work failed inspection and all that money was for nothing.

A man in Warwick spent about $25,000. Another homeowner in Warwick actually spent $75,000 and nothing works.

I would be enraged.

Turns out Altaray in Utah has over 101 customers complaints filed against it, has several lawsuits against it pending and had its accreditation revoked by the Better Business Bureau.

Altaray has been targeting homeowners across the country and the FBI has even been called in out in Minnesota.

It's a great example of why you should go with someone you know when doing such major work to your home or business.

Going green is great, but not when it costs you green you never get back.

Luckily for the SouthCoast, there is a great company like Isaksen Solar in our own backyard. They are locally owned and operated and have great reviews with the BBB and beyond.

And right now they have their 2020 Solar System Giveaway going on.

Homeowners in Rhode Island and Massachusetts can sign up to score an entirely free solar panel system. No gimmicks, strings or tricks.

So if the door-to-door solar guy shows up to try and sell you, tell them you're going with Isaksen.

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