We've had our first snow of the season, so it's no surprise the snowy owls have arrived too!

It's only mid-December and already there are more snowy owl sightings than usual in the Ocean State.

Rhode Islanders have reportedly been spotting these amazing, Arctic birds in Narragansett, East Greenwich and out on Block Island.

Though no sightings in Southeastern Massachusetts have been reported yet, they could be making an appearance soon...so keep your eyes peeled if you're out for a winter walk.

Seems more than the usual number of snowy owls have already arrived this far South and more of them could come through in a search for food.

More snowy owls births have been reported past mating season this year (perhaps because of the mild fall) and all those extra owl babies means extra competition for food.

So in turn, we'll likely see more snowy owls arrive as the younger birds need to travel further and further South in search of something to eat.

If you do come across one of these snowy owls on your outdoor adventures, the Audubon Society of Rhode Island advises you to observe them at a distance.

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