Looking for a different way to have fun in the snow with your little ones? My daughter and I came up with a snow day scavenger hunt anyone can enjoy.

My daughter isn't the bravest little girl around. She hates slides, never likes to try new things and isn't so keen on sledding.

And yet somehow I managed to find a fun snow day activity she loves!

Recently I noticed my daughter burying her toys in the kinetic sand she got for Christmas and then pretending to be surprised when she dug them up.

So the other night when it was going to start to snow late, I waited until she had gone to bed, gathered up some of her bigger, brighter plastic toys and threw them out into the front yard.

The next morning with everything under a blanket of fresh snow I told her about the toys hidden in the yard and asked if she wanted to help me find them.

She was thrilled. Her eyes lit up and it was like I couldn't get her outside quick enough.

We spent over an hour scouring the front lawn with beach shovels digging out all her toys (okay all but one that we may need to wait until spring to locate).

She loved it so much that before bed last night she asked me if I would bury more toys in the latest round of snow.

Of course I said yes and later today we'll hopefully dig them up too (all of them this time)!

Tip when trying this scavenger hunt: Take a picture of the toys you hide in the snow, so you can remember exactly what you are looking for.