Finally! A movie theater in Fall River!

'Picture Show Entertainment' is the centerpiece of the Southcoast Marketplace. From their bountiful variety of snacks and popcorn at their concession stand to the brand new wide-bodied leather seats that you'll sink into (and possibly fall asleep in), 'Picture Show' movie theater guarentees a high-end film watching experience.

The theater offers 21+ movie-goers select wine, beer on tap and even frozen cocktails. As soon as you walk in, you're greeted by a giant concession stand filled with fresh buttery popcorn, candy, sweets and of course no theater would be complete without an Icee machine.

'Picture Show Entertainment' holds 11 theaters, each one playing a different movie with the most high-tech audio system available on the market (there are only two of these surround sound systems within five surrounding states, the only other one being in Boston, MA by Fenway Park).

Fun 107 was able to get a VIP access walk-through of the facility before it opens up to the public. Check out the phots above!

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