Did you feel the ground moving last night? Because it apparently did in Newport.

As the snow was starting to fall along the coastline, the ground was moving itself around too.

They got word of a very small earthquake about 3 miles East of Newport last night that probably went more noticed by the local sea life than the local residents.

The magnitude was about 2.0 on the richter scale (which seriously is just fun for me to say), which is extremely small.

And by extremely small I mean that 2.0 is the minimum earthquake activity level that the richter scale even picks up. Anything smaller doesn't even register.

And you've got to get up over 6.1 on the richter scale to cause any serious damage.

So basically, this was a next to nothing earthquake by the water in Newport.

Locals could have felt some minor movement, but most likely it went pretty much unnoticed.

Not that unnoticed is a bad thing. I'll take a 2.0 earthquake over an 8.0 earthquake any day.

And since New England isn't situated on any fault lines we are lucky enough to only see the minor quakes in our neck of the woods.

But with more snow heading our way this evening, I'd think earthquakes are the least of people's concern tonight.

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