We may not have gotten the snow that some people were hoping for, but you can still hit the slopes where they are making plenty of fluffy white stuff.

Ski season is open for business in Vermont, so if you are looking for your first weekend on the slopes it is here already.

Seems like ski season starts earlier and earlier. And at Killington Resort, things got started last Sunday.

Known as the largest ski and board resort in the East, Killington has been around for over 50 years.

And it looks like they know how to keep things fun on their over 3000 acres of trails after all these years.

Ski lifts and trails are ready to ride and even the trick park is open for boarders and slope style riders.

Personally I'm lucky when I make it down the mountain without falling on my butt ten times, so the trick park is not exactly my thing.

But there seems to be plenty of trails open for skiiers and boarders of all skill levels. So if you are ready for the mountain, the mountain is ready for you.

But make sure you bundle up if you are heading north this weekend.

Temperatures on Saturday are going to be near a record low for the SouthCoast, so I can't imagine how cold it will feel on the top of a mountain in Vermont.

I know fans of the sport are not going to be deterred by a little cold and I'm sure the drop in temps means even better snow making at Killington Resort.

So if you want to ski already, head to Vermont because they are ready too.

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