Roller coaster malfunction creates problems for Six Flags New England.

On Monday, there was a cable issue on the Goliath roller coaster. The ride is now permanently closed.

Jennifer McGrath, a spokeswoman for the Agawam amusement park told  Masslive that there was a minor malfunction with the Goliath roller coaster cable.

Thankfully, the ride was not operating with people when the cable malfunctioned. It will stayed closed until the cable is replaced and there is a full safety inspection.

Jennifer also said that she does not know the definitive date of when the Goliath will re-open.

Six Flags New England had described the roller coaster as "A Giant Inverted Boomerang". It reaches a maximum elevation of 191 feet. Also, the max speed gets up to 65 mph!  That's faster then our states speed limit!

Additional reporting by Michaela Bottino

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