Max and I have a history. LOL, don't worry it's not like that. He and I have done some clothes shopping and just over all bro-bonding.

He has been working his butt off for over four years. Not only can he sing, but he has a good heart. His new song "Love Me Less" is so much fun and truly a bop! We got to catch up in the studio. Now, warning, because Max and I have chatted before we kind of let a few cuss words out (nothing too crazy) but want to make sure you knew. Here is our little chat:

The boy has pipes. For a little guy, he has a big voice. If you ever get a chance to see him live you will absolutely love his energy and how his voice can fill a room.

I wanted to remind you of how you may know Max. Here is the song that got him out there and noticed by the world:

And here is the brand new song "Love Me Less" which I think will be a hit this summer. What's great is that both songs truly come from the heart and are based on Max's real-life experiences:

What do you think of Max's new song?

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