I was surprised with a pair of Air Jordan 1's this morning. I can't decide whether or not to actually wear them!

I have been looking for a pair of Air Jordan 1's for at least 10 years. The original Air Jordans were my first "real" sneakers. I mean, I had the old red, white and blue Nike Cortez sneakers when I was in fifth or sixth grade, by my mom had picked those out.

I can tell you that as soon as I saw the first Air Jordans when I was in seventh grade, I knew I had to have them. They were the coolest sneakers I had ever seen (or ever would see). Michael Jordan was just starting to become "Michael Jordan"--and I knew I wanted to be a part of that brand.


My mother had different thoughts on the idea.

"They're SEVENTY dollars. There's NO WAY I'm spending SEVENTY DOLLARS on a pair of sneakers. NO WAY," she protested.

That wasn't going to stop me. We compromised and came to an agreement that she'd pay the equivalent of a "normal" pair of sneakers - maybe $40-$45 - and I'd make up the rest, which I happily did.

I was so excited to have those sneakers. I remember that they came out with an alternative pair that were primarily black with red and white trim, but there was NOTHING as cool as the VERY first pair.

I first started wanting the throwback sneakers about 10-12 years ago, but they were IMPOSSIBLE to find. When they'd occasionally pop up on eBay or somewhere else online, they would be incredibly expensive, putting them out of reach.

Then, today, out of the blue, my friend Benny Olmeda from Shop U7 popped in on me after I got off the air. He had a pair of Air Jordan 1's in hand. I was so shocked, I didn't even try them on right away.

I've been wearing them all day. Now, the big decision I have to make is whether or not to actually wear them. I mean, I'd LOVE to wear these every day, but I know they won't last long if I do.

Should I only wear them on special occasions? Or should I NOT save them for best and just enjoy them?

I literally don't know what to do.

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