We all love the cape, right?!  But we definitely don't like all of the traffic that goes with it, especially during the summer!  Here are some ways to get around all of the traffic this summer.

Getting over the bridges: Travel at times most people aren't. Take Friday off, leave Thursday night and come back on Saturday!  You can also monitor the bridge backup situation to see what you’re getting into with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Real Time Traffic Map.

Leaving Cape Cod: Unfortunately, you don't have too many options seeing as we only have two bridges. Only word of advice, do not, I repeat, DO NOT take Route 6 west all the way to the Sagamore Bridge.  A lot of times things can get tight just after Exit 2 and before you know it, you're trapped. Instead, get off at Exit 3 in Sandwich and head to Route 6A toward the bridges.  This could save you 10 minutes or 60 minutes, depending on the day.

County Road, Bourne: Take County Rd to get to the Bourne Bridge from Falmouth. Avoid the long painful back up on Route 28 all the way to the Bourne Rotary, it's awful!

Escaping Hyannis via Mary Dunn Road: Mary Dunn Road is definitely a way to get to Route 6A. You'll pass right under Route 6 and will probably miss all of that traffic.  Plus, it's the scenic route :)

Orleans to Wellfleet: This is a great way to avoid some of the beach traffic that can really hit Route 6 in the summer on the Outer Cape. It runs from near the Orleans Rotary to just north of the Wellfleet Drive-In and uses Bridge Road, Herring Brook Road, Massasoit Road and West Road.  Believe me, this is really going to save you the annoyance of sitting in what feels like a parking lot of vehicles.

Information provided by Cape Cod Online

Additional Reporting by Sara Achorn